About Us

We are firmly committed to creating value for society and the planet. We value sustainability and regeneration as essential to the betterment of nearby communities and as a conduit . We believe in fostering a positive dynamic to consolidate bonds of trust and security to the public of interest including collaborators, clients, suppliers, public institutions, government, non-profit organizations and others of similar importance.

We officially support initiatives to strengthen indigenous cultures and enrich neighboring communities through educational programs and job creation. In the same way, we develop and support initiatives to train and empower hotel employees, with their personal and professional growth as a constant goal.


Nestled on a peaceful island off the coast of Costa Rica, Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel is a dream destination for global travelers, nature lovers and adventurous spirits. As a guest with us, you’ll enjoy panoramic ocean views, calm waters and fresh-caught seafood – not to mention thrilling eco-adventures.

Our hotel seamlessly combines the playful fun of camping with the comfort and style of an upscale beach hotel, providing the best of both worlds for our visitors. At once calming and exhilarating, Isla Chiquita represents the perfect embodiment of the Pura Vida philosophy.


Isla Chiquita prioritizes the protection of children and adolescents, enforcing a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate relations or commercial exploitation of minors.