Isla Chiquita Welco Welcome


Bioluminiscence: An Experience to Dazzle ET & Harry Potter

Can you think of an experience that would marvel ET and Harry Potter alike?  Well bioluminescence wields an out-of-this-world magic that would delight them both!  And you can enjoy this wonder at Costa Rica’s Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel.  Because the waters that frame Isla Chiquita are one of the planet’s privileged spots where moonless nights bring about a sparkling spectacle.

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Isla Chiquita’s Symbiosis Trail

Isla Chiquita is a tiny island wonderland. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya, this spirited destination caters to childhood dreams of finding a hidden land of secret treasures.  And one indeed finds bewildering riches in the precious choreographed dance between the sea and the land.

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Treasure Island is in Costa Rica

The first time I arrived to Isla Chiquita, I had flashbacks to those childhood dreams of reaching a secret island, a tiny speck of hidden treasures and wild nature. I found myself smiling, uncontrollably, wholeheartedly. Arrival alone was an experience, with palm trees waving and a dotted line of glamping tents rushing uphill. WOW!

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