Bioluminiscence: An Experience to Dazzle ET & Harry Potter

Silhouette of a person seated on the floor with blue bioluminescent glow at Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel

Can you think of an experience that would marvel ET and Harry Potter alike?  Well bioluminescence wields an out-of-this-world magic that would delight them both!  And you can enjoy this wonder at Costa Rica’s Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel.  Because the waters that frame Isla Chiquita are one of the planet’s privileged spots where moonless nights bring about a sparkling spectacle.

I recently had the chance to live this experience and I will forever recall it as a night of spellbinding sights.  The sun sets and the adventure begins, boarding a simple boat for a bioluminescence expedition.  Not knowing exactly what to expect is part of the draw.  Sitting close to the water, hand within reach of the gentle wake draws a playful smile.  At first, everything seems normal, eyes adjust to the darkness, and the thrill of exploring the sea at night takes hold.  Gradually something catches your attention.  As the boat traverses the water, it seems to trigger a reaction.  A brief glimmer that gives way to a soft glow.  Soon, light is dancing to the beat of motion.  But why? The answer lies in the water.  For it is densely populated by light-emitting plankton, microscopic organisms that react to movement with a chemical reaction that creates diminutive flashes of bluish greens.  The phenomenon is mesmerizing!  And more so when you realize that the wave of your hand in the water leaves a trace of tiny stars.

Just like ET and his glowing fingertip or Harry Potter and his wand, one is suddenly empowered with the gift of light.  The experience is fun, a bit surreal, and totally dreamy!  Finding spots with higher concentrations of bioluminescent plankton becomes a treasure hunt for submarine sparklers.  And as you splash your hand and trace patterns in the water, you realize you haven’t had this much bewildering fun in quite a while.

Would you like to experience this other-worldly, hypnotic sight?  Head to Costa Rica’s Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel and book your Bioluminescence Expedition.  Set in the midst of the Gulf of Nicoya, this hidden destination is a wonderland for adventure.  Their expert guides are pros at finding the best spots for the most spectacular underwater fireworks!  And the next time you watch ET or any film of the Harry Potter saga... you will surely cast a mysterious smile.