Experience The Island Surrounding

There is no better way to get to know the wonders of our island surroundings than by participating in one of our enthralling eco-adventures.
Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel offers a diverse selection of excursions – from self-guided kayak tours and stand-up paddle-boarding to forest-bathing hikes, bird watching, snorkeling and touring some of the fascinating local farms and biological reserves for which Costa Rica is known. Among these excursions is our spectacular bioluminescence tour – an unmissable adventure exploring bioluminescent algae as it lights up the sea under dark evening skies.

Water Experience

Nightscapes: Bioluminescence & Sea Life

An evening boating adventure in search of the area's nocturnal wonders. From rock outcroppings glistening in the night to the sight of nocturnal fauna. Live the quest for bioluminiscence*, a natural phenomenon that makes the water sparkle!

*visibility might be affected by ambient light, moon phases, wind and sea currents.



Marble at the dazzling underwater landscapes of the Gulf of Nicoya. Available during the months of December-April. Spot multi-colored tropical fish, fascinating octopuses and more. Complemented by a fun snack at a nearby island.



The waters surrounding Isla Chiquita offer a fantastic setting for a singular kayaking adventure. Perfect to connect with the ocean, gaze at birds in flight, and marvel at crustaceans and other marine life. It perfectly combines eco-discovery, physical activity and the serenity of gliding on water.

Hiking Experience

Curu Island Beach
Curu Island Reserve View
Curu Island Guatusa
CuruB Bioreserve

Symbiosis Trail

Our newest trail offers a meaningful experience that fully connects hikers with our surrounding ocean and forest. Interpretive stations showcase the island’s most unforgettable views while highlighting our soul’s symbiotic ties to nature.


Curú Private Bio Reserve

The first private biological reserve in Costa Rica extends an invitation to embrace adventure. Wild trails lined with tropical wonders set the stage for discovery and surprise. Monkeys, birds, and other exotic species will grant you a strong connection to nature. Hiking difficulty ranges from tame to intense. Just talk to your guide to choose your preferred pace.

Morning Bird Watching Hike

Isla Chiquita's surroundings are home to a collection of coastal birds including parrots, hummingbirds, manakins and trogons. Isolation has given rise to unique environmental adaptations that are fascinating to study. This guided hike will let you peek at the secrets of our tropical dry forest, taking you to the highest point for the best views of the Gulf.

Cultural Experience

Tico Cocktail Tasting

Cheers! Let's toast our magical island surrondings and scenery. Enjoy a fun session with our Bartender as he prepares specialty mixed drinks with a Tico twist.

Featuring the best of tropical ingredientes and a colorful blend of refreshing flavors.

Island Experience

Whale Watching
View of Surroundign Pelican

Island Hopping

The perfect option for beach enthusiasts! Board an open boat and voyage through the Gulf of Nicoya in search of your favorite sun and sand spot to enjoy swimming, snorkeling or simply lying back and letting the coastal breeze tease your hair.


Whale Watching Expedition

Costa Rica's warm Pacific Ocean stages a soul-soaring natural spectacle when impressive humpback whales migrate in search for optimal breeding and calving locations. The Gulf of Nicoya's tranquil waters offer a unique opportunity to witness these giants as they dance, leap, and sing in a pure celebration of life's magnificence.

Seasonal activity, please contact us for more information.

Tortuga Island

White sand trimmed by clear blue ocean is Tortuga Island’s signature sight. Considered one of the most beautiful islands South of the Nicoya Peninsula, it can be reached in less than 30 minutes from Isla Chiquita. Enjoy the views and snorkeling and activities like hiking and swimming. During your stay, you will enjoy access to an exclusive area & a special amenity.

Fishing Experience

Sport Fishing Detail

Artisanal Fishing

Artisanal fishing is a key component of the region’s culture and economy. Traditions that have been passed from generation to generation are essential to the lifestyles of many of our local communities. A fisherman/guide will take you on a small boat in a charming expedition to the area’s best spots.  Regional catch includes snappers, groupers, and more


Sport Fishing

The thrills of sportfishing are closely tied to Jesusita Island, home to Isla Chiquita Glamping Hotel. For many years, this tiny island nook was a favorite resting spot for sport fishing enthusiasts. It is only natural for us to offer guided expeditions to let you experience the ocean’s raw big-game challenge.

Romantic Experience

Sunse Cruise

Private Torchlit Dining

A storybook experience to fully enjoy the island's magic under the sparkle of torches and twinkle of stars. Al fresco dining, perfect for couples, friends, or families who wish to sample the best of our regional flavors and stunning natural setting. Simply unforgettable!


Sunset Cruise

This relaxing sunset experience outlines the contours of nearby islands. We start off at Isla Cedros and the artisanal fishing community in Punta Cuchillo. We then head out to Isla Nancital, home to vivacious Spider Monkeys and Isla Negritos, rich in exuberant flora and fauna. At the end of the expedition, we witness a spectacular sunset framed by Los Caretos islets.