Spa & Yoga

Isla Chiquita is an oasis of wellness experiences that inspire connection, bliss, and inner peace.  Our Nimbu Spa and new Yoga Deck are perched upon the island’s cusp, offering a forest shrouded view of the ocean’s horizon and the waves that ripple in the distance.  The soothing effect is perfect to enjoy a massage, engage in deep meditation, or practice an invigorating Yoga session.  Our wellness offerings are the perfect complement to a day of exciting adventures and expeditions.

Nimbu Spa

Nimbu, the melodic Chorotega word for water, captures Isla Chiquita's feel-good essence. Embedded in a secluded bluff on the island’s high grounds, our wellness deck fosters a private wellness retreat.

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Island Yoga

Shrouded by the island's forest, our Yoga Deck creates an inspired space for meditation, connection, and wellness.

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